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Where To Buy Cheap Fan For Hot Weather?

It is always hot and hot in Singapore. And it only gets hotter!

I am not really a fan of aircon because it is a habit since young as I catch cold easily in air-conditioned area and also because of the potentially high electrical bills at the end of the month, my utilities bill averages around $60 which I don’t have the intention to let it rise like a hot-air balloon.

My friends told me their bills are usually above $100 with air-con on.

A simple standing fan can easily cost around $35-$50 at the neighborhood stores, and you have to lug it home.

I always looked for more economical ways to cool my home.

I have already bought 3 standing fans at my favorite online store because it is cheap as I don’t need to lug it home with sweat.

I bought 1 fan recently which cost me only around $20. These fans don’t spoil that easily (until they prove me wrong), so I don’t see the need to buy those expensive fans for cooling needs.

cheap fan

In case you noticed about the item behind the fan box, yes, it is the Mayer Airfryer that I bought at the same time as the fan.

Both items working well. :D

[S$17.70][Aerogaz]GoldenFuji 16 inch STAND FAN (GF-116) – with 3 Speed Control | Oscillation Function | In Built Night Light | 1 Year Warranty


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