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What Happened In 2010

Mandai Orchid Garden ROM

The Most Happening

I got married to the love of my life! In the april of 2010, I married my beautiful wife in the wonderful setting of Mandai Orchid Garden and it is the most exciting moment of my life.

We prepared a lot for the moment and was glad that everything turns out quite well except that we found out that the hand bouquet is still at home moments before the Solemnizer came (we really forgot all about it!).

Its a wonderful experience. All that is left now is the customary wedding thats to be held in the mid of 2011.


After some searching in the resale market, we decided that the price of resale flats are too high (COV are around $30k) and thus we went for BTO. With much consideration, we decided upon a flat at Flora Spring BTO which cost around $250k . Not really our ideal one but we will make the best out of it.


I got myself a Canon 550D after much consideration and I am pretty pleased with it. It is simple enough for me to use and I took numerous photos with it. Well worth the money. While I am still a beginner at best, I hope to really spend sometime in mastering the art of photography. Nice pictures always makes me happy!


This year didn’t managed to travel much. Went for a one day durian trip in Malaysia and to Taiwan to take my wedding album photosho0t. Our bridal shop is Romantic Life thats based in Taipei. Its a fun experience to have the photosho0t in Taiwan but it is very very tiring for that day. The photos turn out to be quite good and we are pretty much satisfied with it.


The best hobby I pickup this year is reading. There are heaps of knowledge in the books. Take it, learn it and apply it. There are lots of interesting books in the national library. The topics of my interest are generally of business, self-help and motivation. I realise that reading books does make me a better person as time goes by.


The thing I learn about money is that “Wealth is not for the lazy and there is not shortcut”. You have to go and learn about money management and wealth creation. You seriously cannot get rich by gambling and day dreaming. Reading books does help me a lot in this area.

As I have no knowledge in stocks, I opt for Regular Saving Plan whereby a fix amount of money goes buy some unit trust monthly. I believe this is a slow and steady route to build up my small nest. My financial adviser advises my to lock-in the funds when it reachs +15% and sell them away if it gets -15%. Currently the funds I have are doing quite good and hopes it gets better next year.

I have wasted a large sum of money with insurance polices over the years. I have since streamline the policies I have, only mantaining those that I need and gotten some essential polices for my parents.

Spend less than you earn and make your money work harder for you!

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