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Try These Simple Money Saving Tips

Saving money don’t necessarily require drastic action, and you may even want to try some of these out simply as ways to save up for something you want. Here are some great money-saving tips that you probably knew, why not try it out!

Save Money

Driving Is Expensive

Your car is probably one of the most expensive item in your life. For the middle-income group, it easily eats away half of our salaries. We tend to forget that we’re not only paying up for fuel on a regular basis, but also all the maintenance costs and insurance for our cars which can adds up to over a thousand dollars.

Take Public Transport

We don’t necessarily need cars to get on with our daily lives especially in Singapore. Commuting in public transport is a great alternative. Public transport is a big issue now and our government is investing a lot of money in it to buy more buses and build more MRT lines.

Bicycle Anyone?

Bicycle is another great alternative to a car. Bicycles cost almost nothing to run, with very low maintenance costs and zero fuel bills. Better still, you’ll even get fit by using a bike and saving the environment at the same time.

Lets Walk!

Finally, you can walk as much as possible. One tends to be lazy after owning a car. While some things will probably be too far away for walking, there’ll almost certainly be plenty of things you can do by walking which you’d normally take your car to do.

You Can Survive Without Cars

Many poeple can’t imagine life without a car after driving for a period of time, but you don’t actually have to drop your car altogether to save money. Just making shorter journeys by bus, bike or on foot can start saving you money on fuel, and will reduce wear and tear on your car making maintenance less of an issue.

Plan Your Shopping

Plan your food shopping: One of the most common mistakes we make is not planning our food shopping properly. It can seem like an annoying thing to do, but by buying only what you know you will need you waste far less. It also means you can take advantage of bulk-buy special offers.

Supermarket Discounts

Supermarkets such as NTUC and Cold Storage often advertise on newspapers offering discounts on their products. These are definitely worth checking out! You can find some truly amazing deals here. It’s possible to cut food and grocery bills down quite a bit this way. As much as possible, never buy anything at retail price.

No Alcohol and Cigarettes

Drink less alcohol, smoke less cigarettes: It sounds boring and difficult, but if you can manage it then cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes can be a huge money-saver. Cigarettes are one of the biggest money wasters – especially for chain smokers. Those who are unable to quit cigarettes might be able to cut back and save some pretty decent money. But I urge you to consider quitting smoking seriously. Smoking not only harms yourself, but also the health of your love ones.

Alcohol is actually easier to cut back on than many people think. You don’t have to stop drinking it altogether, but saving it for just one or two nights per week can really make a big difference to your expenses. Also, if you drink out at bars a lot, consider drinking at home beforehand. This can reduce the cost of a night out quite a bit!

Be Discipline & You Can Save Money

There are many other ways that you can save money too. These are just a few ideas to help get you thinking. Take a look at your daily life, and see if you can find other ways to save yourself money in addition to these

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