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Top Up EZ-Link Using Credit Card Automatically To Save Time

The original Adult EZ-Link card, introduced in...
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Do you always need to queue up at the General Ticketing Machine to top up your EZ-link card because the stored value in it runs low?

Do you feel frustrated at the slow moving queues when you just need to top up that additional $10 or $20 and you are in a rush?

Do you know that you can save lots and lots of precious time just by applying for EZ-link auto top up?

I have been using EZ-Reload since this service is being offered and I don’t need to care how much money is available in my EZ-link card for my next MRT or bus trip, nor do I need to waste time queuing up at the top up machines.

EZ-link have made it easier for us to travel and it is up to us to make use of the services they offered.

There are 2 ways to top up your EZ-link automatically,

  1. By Credit / Debit card
  2. By Bank GIRO

Auto Top-Up Facility By Bank GIRO

To apply for EZ-link GIRO top up, you need to have a POSB/DBS bank account. You can go to the nearest General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at any MRT/LRT station with a valid POSB/DBS ATM card to apply for the link up.

Auto Top-Up Facility By Credit / Debit card

Click on –> EZ-link website to apply auto top up by credit/debit card. All the steps are listed and it just takes about 5-7 minutes to fill up the form.

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