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The Stock Market Is Addictive

Yes, its true, the stock market is addictive.

After my first contact with shares, I find myself keep going to POEMS website to check the stock prices.

Especially in this volatile market for the past few weeks. When I notice the price of the stock that I am interested in drops, I bought some only to find them dropping even lower :< I realise that it is unhealthy to me to do so. Sometimes I really wonder if I had made the wrong move to touch the stock market. But I know it is a learning process for me. Even If I had made losts, I would treat it as paying school fees. But it is only paper lost if I didn't sell them away. Investing is the only way to grow wealth and it is important not to be greedy. Only use money excess money that you can afford to lose. I invest in books to grow my knowledge, I invest in stocks to grow my money. Work -> Save -> Invest -> Work -> Save -> Invest

Stock Market is exciting, but living a good life is even better!

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