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The 3 Lessons “The Voice of China” Taught Me

I have always liked Chinese singing contest.

Since I’m a teenager, I have watched Taiwan singing contest, chasing each and every episode.

It always amazes me to see so many people taking part in these type of singing contest. No matter how bad they really are or how good they think they are, they just wanted to have a shot at their dreams of stardom! They are the dreamers and they got the guts to try to make it happen!

The Voice of China” is the most recent Chinese singing contest that took the Chinese world by storm.

I was attracted to “The Voice of China” by the high quality of the program.

I forgot how I get to know about this singing contest, but I know that my colleagues are watching it during break time at work, people are watching it on trains and buses, when I go to YouTube, I will come across them without fail.

I notice the contestants are very good singers, they enjoyed singing and enjoying every moment on the stage.

Pratice, pratice and pratice 

I believed that they have real passion for singing and have been practicing for years and years before they are able to shine on the stage.

The 3 Lessons

Focus: Choose only 1 thing to focus on. Currently, I am trying out too many things. Websites, stocks and forex.
All 3 requires much dedication and hard work to be successful. I am jumping here and there too much to have any results to show for.

No, I have to really focus, especially when I’m writing because I wanna be good at it. (Tom Araya)

Passion: To excel in one thing, great passion is a very important ingredient. Of the 3 projects, which do I have the greatest passion in?

Pursuing your passion is fulfilling and leads to financial freedom. (Robert G. Allen)

Practice: After deciding on my focus that I have the greatest passion in, all that is left between now and success is tons of practice!!!

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. (Bruce Lee)

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