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Stocks Calculators

I found myself making these calculations quite frequently, so these calculators can save my time doing manual calculating.

Please note that the calculations below do not include any transactions fee.

Stocks Unit Calculator

Calculate the number of units that you can buy for a given amount.

In SGX, per lot is 100 units.

For example, if you want to buy DBS at S$25.60 with $10,000, you can only buy 300 units (rounded down to the nearest hundred).

Dividend Yield Calculator

Calculate the dividend yield of any stock.

For example, DBS gives S$1.20 dividend, at stock price of S$25.60, the dividend yield is 4.69%

Stocks Profit Amount Calculator

This calculates the potential profit amount when the price reaches a certain amount.

For example, I have 300 units of DBS at S$25.60 and I want to calculate the profit amount if DBS reaches S$28.00.

The potential profit amount is S$720.

Stocks Target Price Calculator

This calculates the target price to sell in order to make a certain amount.

For example, if I wanted to make S$500 from my 300 units of DBS that I bought at S$25.60, I can sell at S$27.27.