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Simple DIY Headboard With LED Lights

For the longest time I wanted to make a lighting by my bedside as the main light switch is kinda far.

Yes, I know I am lazy. LOL

I have looked into getting cheap table lamp from IKEA, but:

  1. I am lazy to travel all the way to IKEA
  2. It takes up space on my bedside table

An idea suddenly popped up in my mind that I can actually do some simple DIY headboard with LED lights to light up the room at night.

Hmm, actually I might have seen a picture of this setup somewhere but I don’t remember where. :p

Advantages are of DIY headboard with LED lights:

  1. LED strip can be bought easily online, no travelling needed
  2. Hidden from view, free up my bedside table
  3. The switch is just an arm length away, perfect for lazy guy like myself
  4. LED power consumption is low, saves electricity

Items needed:

  1. 1x 1 meter LED light strip
  2. 1x USB power adapter

I already have an old power adapter that is still working, so I just need to get a warm white LED strip.

I got it from here which cost me S$5.50, well within my budget.

The Easy Setup:

  1. Markout the center area on the headboard to place the lighting strip
  2. The LED strip comes with Self-adhesive back with Adhesive tape, just paste it at the marked out area on the headboard
  3. Insert the USB socket into the power adapter
  4. Plug the power adapter into the power socket
DIY Headboard With LED Lights (Before)
Before LED Light Strip is fitted
DIY Headboard With LED Lighting (After)
After LED Light Strip is fitted

At night, it is bright enough and not too bright. I choose warm white for the cosy feeling.

Light up your bedroom with simple DIY!


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