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Save Money: Have Cheaper Haircut

Clear CutHow many times do you cut your hair in a year? How you ever wondered how much you spend on your hair annually?

Haircut is a monthly affair for me as I am having short hair. When spotting short hair, it is important to keep it neat and tidy.

I used to visit a hair saloon (call it Saloon A) at a nearby marketplace which cost me $14 per trip! I considered it expensive as it started from just $10 when I first visited the saloon 2 years ago. So the price raised 40% in just 2 years! I am lazy to find another hair stylist which I am ok with, so I just stick to the $14 cost.

A few months ago, I found the place shuttered down (maybe due to the competitive nature of the business) and I had to look for an alternative place to cut my hair.

Thru words-of-month, I visited this nearby saloon (Saloon B) which charges only $5 per haircut and I am happy with the decent haircut I get.

Annual cost of haircut at Saloon A: $14×12 = $168

Annual cost of haircut at Saloon B: $5×12 = $60

Annual haircut savings = $108

You might think that $108 is not a big amount but it is hard-earned money saved where I can add it to my savings or add to my investment fund or use it on other places.

Some people likes to visit high-end saloon where it is really expensive to get hair fixed. Do you really need such high cost hair services? Take a moment to think about it and calculate how much you spend on your hair per year. This is an area where you can save some money on.

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