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Reduce Your Household Utility Bills

Household utility bills is one of the standard expenses we need to pay every month to SP services.


The components included under the utility bill are:

  • Electricity Services
  • Gas Services
  • Water Services
  • Refuse Removal
  • Water Conservation Tax

It’s been a few months since I moved into my BTO HDB flat, and the initial utility bills are quite high as there are lots of one-time fees that need to pay.

The bills have more or less stabilized now and I can easily see how much is my monthly bills without any bill shock.

Bills From June To October 2014

June 14: $63.24
July 14: $51.67
August 14: $44.11
September 14: $54.39
October 14: $52.56

Monthly average: $53.20

As utility bills is a fixed expenses, I am happy to keep it as low as possible. In the foreseeable future, I can estimate that my monthly bills will be less than $60 unless there is great changes to my lifestyle.

Comparison Charts

Electricity Usage

Water Usage

Gas Usage

From the comparison charts above, you can see the great differences in consumption, and it has a lot to do with family size and lifestyle.

How Do I Reduce Keep Utilities Bills To The Minimum?

In order to have a lower bill, we need to tackle the contributing components one by one.

Electricity Usage:

  • Use fan often. I only use air-con during very hot nights.
  • Physically switch off switches that are seldom in use. I always switch off appliances that are not in use daily especially those that are in standby mode such as my sub-woofer and air-con.
  • Switch off lights in areas that are not in use at night. As I spend most of my time either in the study room or living room, the lights in the kitchen, bedrooms and toilets are only turn on when in use.

Gas Usage:

  • We only cook simple meals a few times per month.

Water Usage:

  • Keep shower time to a minimum to reduce usage of running water.
  • Reuse the water from the washing machine to flash toilet bowl, it is troublesome but it is worth the effort.
  • Reuse the water from hand wash clothings to flash toilet bowl.
  • Collect used utensils and wash them when the basin is full or at the end of day.
  • Use the washing machine only when there is a full load to wash.

Refuse Removal

  • Fixed amount, nothing much we can do to reduce it.

Water Conservation Tax

  • 30% tax on water usage, as long as the water usage is low, this amount will remain low.


Enjoy the U-Save rebates given out by the government to help offset the utility bills for the following months.


Every cents saved can go a long way. We can do our part saving the earth by using less water and electricity also.

One more tip for you

Get 1% cash rebate on your utility bill by enrolling into POSB Everyday Credit Card recurring bill payment!


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