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9 On Page SEO Techniques That Work [Brain Dean]

Brain Dean shares tips on On-Page SEO Techniques that work.

On page optimization is important to make your content rank higher in the search results.

This optimization checklist is not too hard to achieve, except maybe the long content part needs more work.

Enjoy the video!

9 On Page SEO Techniques That Work

  1. Use Super-short URLs
  2. Include Target Keyword in URL
  3. Use LSI keywords
    1. Use the bolded keywords via the “Searches related to” feature
  4. Publish long content: at least 1890 words
  5. Optimize title tag for CTR
    1. Include numbers in title, proven to grab attentions
    2. Add brackets and parentheses to title
  6. Use externals links
    1. Include 2-5 outbound links to authority resources
  7. Use internal links
    1. Link back to 2-5 older pages that you want to rank higher
  8. Maximize site speed
    1. Use premium hosting
    2. Use CDN
  9. Use lots of multimedia