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NDP 2010 Preview

This Year Nation Day Parade (NDP 2010) is held at Padang.

Its been donkey years since I attended the last NDP. I think it attracts me more when I was a little kid than now. I am lucky to have gotten tickets for the preview on the 3rd July preview as I know my wife would like to see it.

Its not a very good day as its been raining in the morning but it stopped while we are making our way there. We are lucky to have the yellow zone tickets as the entrance is not that far away from the city hall mrt station as I heard that there is quite a distance to the entrance for other zones.

We reached pretty early at around 4pm. There isn’t much queue for the goodie bags and the bags looks so much nicer then the previous years. We regretted to have reach that early as we are being ushered to the front seats :(.

Then the dreaded happens, rain drops keep falling on my head. ZZzz. The people started to wear the issued poncho thats in the goodie bag. Its wet and hot. And it rained for the whole of the parade.

Sad to say, the only thing that got me excited is the aerial display which includes aircrafts like F5, F16, F15, G550, Chinook and the Apache.

The Padang Wave @ CR1

NPD 2010 Fireworks @ CR3

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