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My Perfect Life

Exercises from Rich German’s Monetize Your Passion.

What Would A Perfect Day Look Like For You?

1) What time would you wake up?

I would want to wake up at 7am.

2) What would your morning routine consist of?

-make breakfast with wife
-have breakfast with wife
-send wife to MRT station with my bicycle
-exercise for at least 30mins
-do housework for at least 30mins

3) Would you spend time with your family each morning?

Sunset Beach
Image by Chris Gin via Flickr

Yes, in the morning and at night.

What Would Your perfect financial situation be?

1) How much money would you like to make per month?

I would like to make USD $5000 per month.

2) What would make you feel financially free?

Making USD $5000 per month would make me feel financially free. This amount should be able to cover all my expenses with some savings.

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