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How to MEGA-size Your Linkpoints with HealthHub

How does an easy 4500 Linkpoints sounds to you? It thought it is a very deal since it only requires minimal effort to get it from HealthHub (only for this March).

From now till 31 March 2017 (it’s only a few days left) you only need to sign up and complete your profile with HealthHub to get 1500 Healthpoints instantly.

Then you share health articles, Apps and events from HealthHub to get 100 healthpoints for each time you shared on facebook.

4500 linkpoints = $30 off the grocery bill that you spend at NTUC!


1 Healthpoint = 1 Linkpoint

150 Linkpoints = SGD$1.00

This promotion is ending soon. REAL soon.

If you miss this promotion, it will require more work to accumulate the Healthpoints.

What is HealthHub?

HealthHub is an one-stop portal by Ministry of Health and​ Health Promotion Board for us to access a wealth of:

  • Informational and interesting health articles
  • Rewards (get Linkpoints by sharing)
  • “Healthy” deals on food and wellness

March 2017 Promotion

The MEGA-sized Healthpoints are only valid till 31/3/2017:

  • 10x Healthpoints – get 1500 points instantly by signing up and completing profile
    • the usual is only 50 points for signing up and 100 points for completing profile
  • 5x Healthpoints – get 100 points instantly for each effort to share their contents: Up to 1500 points
    • the usual is only 20 points for each effort (capped at 300 points/month by sharing)
  • Bonus 1500 points – share at least 10 times within this march and receive the bonus points 2 weeks after 31 march 2017

Total possible points is 4500! seriously?

4500 Healthpoints = 4500 Linkpoints = SGD$30

How to sign up with HealthHub

You can do it at Health hub portal or Health hub app via Apple store or Google Play

Enjoy the Linkpoints

HealthHub - Healthpoints earned today
Check the Healthpoints earned today
HealthHub - Sharing Activities
Click “CHECK HEALTHPOINTS BALANCE” to view your sharing activities
healthhub - redeem linkpoints
Click “MANAGE MY HEALTHPOINTS ACCOUNT” to redeem Linkpoints
HealthHub - Enjoy Linkpoints
After you redeemed, “Healthpoints (HPB) Conversion” will show up in your Linkpoints statement


Get those easy Linkpoints before 31/3/17. You get to acquire more health knowledge in the process too.

Every month read and share some of the contents to Facebook and spread the love, while earning some points for yourself.

300 points is also $2 and money is still money, get yourself some snacks at NTUC as a treat.

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