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Living The Dream

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Have you ever wondered what your dream is? Are you living in the dreams of others?

Is it pursuing the 5 Cs? – Cash, Credit cards, Car, Condominium, and Country club membership? These are the things that so many people are chasing after. The common dreams of so many.

What do you really want? What is my dream?

I have been asking myself alot, what do I really want in life.

I realised that we are often influenced by the thinking of others and mistaken their dreams for ours.

I Have a Dream (song)
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It is good to have some cash and one or two credit cards on hand but do you really need a car, condominium (if have extra cash, a condominium is good for investment), and country club membership?

My dream is to live a “work-at-home” life, having my own company that generates enough or possibly more to provide for my family. Where I have ample time for my family and most importantly is to be happy.

Working towards my dream will not be a easy one, with lots of uncertainty and going out of my comfort zone. But I know it will be worthwhile.


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