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Light Up Your Nights With Motion Sensor Lights

I have a couple of motion sensor lights scattered around my house.

motion sensor light
one of the motion sensor lights I bought

I used to work night shift in the past. In order not to wake up my wife in the middle of the night when I switched on the lights (because the switching of the light switch makes such a loud clicking sound in the silent night), I looked into getting some motion sensor lights.

I placed the motion sensor lights in the bathroom and it works well enough for me. Bright enough for me to have a quick bath without switching on the toilet lights.

As we are both light sleeper, the switching of the bathroom light easily wakes either of us up when either of us visited the bathroom in the middle of the night. The problem is solved with the motion sensor lights.

Grabbing a quick drink at the kitchen is also a breeze as I have also placed some at the kitchen area. LOL. Not too bright that it hurts the sleepy eyes, yet bright enough for us to see the surroundings.

motion sensor light at study room
Study Room
motion sensor light at kitchen

I bought some rechargeable batteries to power the motion sensor lights and a battery charger to recharge the batteries. I only need to recharge the batteries at most once every month. Usually, they can last nearing 1.5 to 2 months of usage.

Since then, I think I have placed them all over the house, maybe because I am afraid dark. LOL.

The lights should be a great help when my baby boy is born. My wife can breastfeed without switching on the lights. Travelling to and fro the kitchen is easy too!

Btw, if you are interested in getting one, it is better to choose warm light instead of white light (if there is option to choose) as it is easier on the eyes at night.

[S$9.70]Auto Motion Sensor LED light/Bed side light/Kitchen and toilet light/PIR motion detect light/Wireless light/wardrobe light/lightmate movement detect LED/Spider tripod light/outdoor/camping


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