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Learning To Invest

Finally, I opened my trading account! I have been wanting to open a trading account in the past, but I was lazy to do so for whatever reasons.

I opened the trading account with POEMS and just started to learn to invest my hard-earn money.

As I was excited when my account was ready for trading, I bought quite a bit of shares only to have the market crash over the next few days.

In order to know more, I attended the Invest Fair 2011 which is held at Suntec over the past weekend.

It is quite enriching for me as I was like a blank board absording as much information as possible.

Learned a few things here and there.

I was initially attracted to a few trading courses offered, but was put off by the high cost involved, easily cost $2000-$3000 to attend!

I am not ready for those trading courses as I am still a novice and did not have a mountain of money to play with. Maybe in the future when I have some spare cash, I can consider about it.

In the past, I only concentrate on finding the best savings account that gives the best interest rate.

I come to realise this is not the way to accumulate wealth.

My money needs to work harder to beat inflation at the minimum!

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