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Know Your Destination!

We finally boarded a taxi after a 10 mins wait at City Square and told the taxi driver: “Uncle, BMS Mall.”

Taxi uncle asked: ” Do you have the address of the place that you wanted to go?”

We replied: “BMS Mall, the place for renovation stuffs.”

Taxi uncle: “There are a lot of renovation shops here, I need to have exact address.”

We told him: “Uncle, we do not have the exact address…………”

BMS Mall

This is the start of a confusing trip to BMS Mall that is in Malaysia. Even though we managed to get to our destination in the end, much time and money is wasted as we alighted at the wrong location and needed to take another taxi to the correct destination. But we arrived a bit too late and most of the shops are closed for the day.

In the end, it is nothing short of a wasted trip, but I have learnt some lessons from it.

Lesson learnt

It is utmost important to have an exact address (in local language) of the place that you wanted to go when you are in unfamiliar places.

We cannot take it for granted that the taxi drivers on the road surely knows the places that we are going. So it is always good to have the exact address handy.

If the trip is better planned, time and money can be saved with objectives attained.

How It Applies To Our Life?

A lot of people do not know where they wanted to go in life.

Most are just living through and plenty are “lost” in the journey of life.

Take a moment to stop and think.

Think of where you wanted to go, what you wanted to achieve, where is your destination?

When you know what you wanted to achieve and know your destination, the “how you get there” will slowly appear and guide you there.

If you didn’t know your destination, how do you expect to get “there” in the first place? and you complained that you have a lousy life?


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My Destination?

  • I wanted to have multiple streams of income
  • The income will still flow without much input from me
  • Spend more time with my wife
  • Do things that benefit other people

Apart from my monthly salary, I have been buying shares that gives good dividends and some trading of shares. The dividends and capital gains gives me 2 additional streams of income. I will build up my capital base with the dividends received and capital gains together with monthly inputs from a portion of my salary.

I will still receive dividends from the stocks I bought without much interference from me. I just need to build up my capital base to buy more on weakness when opportunity present itself.

Currently, I feel that I didn’t have much time for my wife due to our working times. In order to work towards this goal, significant changes will have to occur. I am still working towards it.

I always wanted to do things that can benefit other people. I am still figuring out what is it and how I can do it.

Know Your Destination! Even if you get lost, you will still get there eventually!

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