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4 Image Optimizer That Reduces The Size Of Your Images For Free

Do you always compress your images before uploading to your websites?

If you didn’t, it is time to start optimizing them.

The size of a photo or picture can easily be above 1 MB, they literally take ages to load.

Imagine you have loads of jpeg photos…

People likes to see instant pictures, if yours is slow to load, they will just click away :(

And they eat into your precious hosting bandwidth.

I have used a photo that I took during my recent trip to Da Nang as an example so that you can see the amount of compression each tool provides.

Free Image Optimization Tools

Let’s look at the free image optimization tools that I use regularly for image compression. They can compress and optimize your JPEG, GIF online.

Image Optimizer - Shortpixel

With Shortpixel, you first choose the compression level: Lossy, Glossy or Lossless.

Then you drag and drop your image into it. Up to 50 images.

It is able to compress my image 88%, from 3.9 MB to 0.5 MB. The best compression result of the 4 tools.

You can click on the “eye” icon to preview the before and after photo.


  • I am using their WP plugin on this blog to automatically compress images for me.
  • I like their Glossy compression as I find that it offers the best quality with decent image size.

Image Optimizer - ImageCompressor

Imagecompressor only uses lossy compression, only on JPEG and PNG images.

You can upload up to 20 images at once.

The default result is 69% compression.


  • Manually adjust the quality using the slider provided.
  • Comparison preview window lets you to visualize the compression outcome easily.

Image Optimizer - ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle is a straight forward tool.

They compresses JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF.

You cannot do compression with multiple images as it process one image at a time.

It is able to compress the photo by 72%.


  • You just drag and drop your image and it will just compress for you with no options. No headaches.

Image Optimizer - Compressor supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG and you can select Lossy or Lossless compression.

It is able to compress the photo by 71%.


  • You can download it to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

These softwares can create SEO friendly images by compressing images for web. It boost your sites performance and loading time.

Any of these optimizer can do the job, just choose one that suits your needs.