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I Believe I Can Fly (Flight Of The Frenchies)

“Live a good life. In the end it is not the years in a life, but the life in the years.”
― Abraham Lincoln

This video almost brings me to tears when I first watch it.

Not that it is a sad video nor anyone die in it.

It is the daring attitude towards life.

They enjoyed and dared to do a sport that I bet a lot of people will pee in their pants.

These guys lived an exciting life, even though they are also scared deep down inside, they still do it to their 100%.

Just one simple mistake will claim their life. But the feeling of freedom and thrill drives them forward.

Looking back at my life, I have always lived a safe life. I don’t dare to try a lot of stuffs in the past.

I feared, I chickened. I missed out a lot of fun which I might have otherwise enjoyed. Its ashame.

Living a fruitful life, is confronting your fears and doing it. Let go of fears and face it, experience life as it is.

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