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How To Save Money On Wedding Banquet

How to save money on wedding banquet? With a bit of research on the internet, I have found a way to do so.

Some people may like to clock reward points onto their credit cards, but I prefer cashback the most, because I can use the cashback on things I really wanted to buy instead of restricting myself to the redemption offered by the banks which usually is quite useless to me.

Wedding banquet is very expensive and involved a big amount of money. With a table easily costing over $1000, It easily mounts to $30k and even higher!

I find that Standard Chartered Bank offers the best cashback with their debit and credit card.

Standard Chartered XtraSaver Debit Card
– offers 2% cashback (cap at $300 per month)

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
– offers 5% cashback (cap at $200 per quarter)

I can charge a amount of:
– $15,000 to XtraSaver Debit Card to get the max of $300 cashback
– $4,000 to Manhattan Platinum Credit Card to get the max of $200 cashback

I got my wife to apply for Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card too!

In total, we can get $700 cashback on amount of $23000. The rest of the bill can be charged to other cards to earn points or get 0.5% rebate using SingTel-UOB Platinum Credit Card which can offset my Singtel bill!

Never use cash to settle your banquet bill, you will miss out on the enormous amount of points or cashback.

Every cents saved is money in your pocket~

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