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How To Save 2% On Public Transport Fares

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After I sold my car a few years back to save money, my main mode of transport is by public transport such as bus and MRT.

It  really is about 10 times cheaper taking public transport, from S$1000 reduced to about S$100 per month. Imagine the amount of money saved just by taking public transport.

However, the transport fare is getting more and more expensive. Recently, Public Transport Council had approved a 1 per cent public transport fare hike which was effective last month on 8th October.

On Friday morning, the PTC announced that from Oct 8, adult card fares for buses and trains will increase by 2 cents per journey.

Senior citizen concessionary fares will increase by 1 cent per journey. There will be no change to child and student concessionary card fares.

On average, the PTC said the fare hike works out to about a rise of 15 cents per week for 85 per cent of commuters.

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My solution to save money on public transport is by using POSB Everyday Card to pay for transport fare.

It is a credit card as well as and ez-link card, by using the EZ-Reload feature which will auto top-up when the fund runs low, you can get 2% back in rebate.

I do not need to worry about the need to top-up the fund when funds run low and get 2% rebate at the same time :)

POSB Everyday Card will remain to be my main way of paying for transport fare until i can find better rebate elsewhere.


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