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How To Save 2% Off Everything You Buy?

Swipes, Bytes, and Debit Cards
Image by BankSimple via Flickr

Is it not exciting to know that you can save money on everything that you spend money on?

There are actually multiple ways to do so, however I only stick to one that I am most confortable with.

I can save 2% on all that things that I spend money on by using Standard Chartered XtraSaver Debit Card with comes with their XtraSaver Account.

You might think that 2% is nothing, or an amount too small to bother about it.

But hey, its your money!

Money that you worked your ass off to earn it!

Money Saved Is Money Earned.

The actual amount of money earned is actually the money you are able to save at the month’s end. It is important to realise this fact.

For S$1000 paid using XtraSaver Debit Card, you get back S$20 cash back at the end of the month.

Compare this with S$1000 saved in a POSB savings account, which offers only 0.05% p.a. interest, you get S$0.04 per month!

Nowadays, all my expenses are concentrated on this card as it gives me 2% cashback automatically, it beats all other cards because I don’t need to get headaches about what things to redeem.

Save money, Be happy.

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