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How To Get 0.5% CashBack on all NETS Transactions

Image by .coomb. via Flickr

I bet payment by NETS sounds familiar to you if you live in Singapore.

NETS Is Most Common Mode Of Cashless Payment

Not all shops accept credit cards but almost all shops in Singapore accept NETS as a form of cashless payment.

You can even make bills payment at SAM and AXS machines using NETS.

I rarely make cash payments nowadays unless there isn’t a choice for me to do so.

Since so much money is paid out using NETS, why not find a way to have cashback since the money is meant to be spent anyway.

XtraSaver Account Debit Card

I found out that XtraSaver Account Debit Card offers 0.5% CashBack on all NETS transactions.

This means that I can save 0.5% off anything by using XtraSaver Account Debit Card to pay off the bill through NETS.

0.5% Cashback on S$100 is S$0.50!

S$0.50 is nothing?

These few months, my Singtel UOB Credit Card bill comes up to about S$550 due to some installments payments. I paid off the bill through SAM machines using XtraSaver Account Debit Card and I was able to get about S$2.75 back in Cashback!

Save Money

I had saved S$2.75 off the S$550 bill payment!

It is important to save every cents possible, every cents saved is cents earned!

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