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How to [CANCEL] Paypal Pre-approved Payments Plan

Recently I signed up for a 7 days trial service for just $1, after which there is a monthly recurring billing through paypal.

I have decided not to continue the service after the trial, so I have to cancel the recurring “Pre-approved Payments Plan” from Paypal.

After some digging on the web. The steps to cancellation is as follows:

1) Login to your paypal account

2) Click on “Profile”

Paypal Pprofile

3) Click on “Profile and settings”

Select "Profile and settings"

4) Click on “My money” and click on “Update” for “My pre-approved payments”

Click "Update" for "My pre-approved payments"

5) Here you can see a list of your pre-approved payments. Select the merchant that you wanted to cancel if the status is still active.

List of  Pre-approved payments

6) Click on “Pre-approved payments plans” if the merchant that you are looking for isn’t listed and cancel accordingly.

Pre-approved payment plans

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