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How To Apply For EZ-Link Credit Card Top Up

Recently I have received my new Citibank SMRT credit card to replace the old one. The new SMRT credit card comes with a default of $30 Auto Credit Card Top-up which I want to change back to $50 Auto Credit Card Top-up.

Firstly, I have to go down to TransitLink Ticket Office to deactivate the current $30 Auto Top-up facility. Then I apply for the service again online using the steps below.

Go to this page¬†and click the “I want to apply” button after reading the Requirements & Application process.

EZ-Link Credit Card Top Up 2

Click “I Agree” button after reading the terms and conditions.

EZ-Link Credit Card Top Up 3

Choose which type of credit card you want to use, the Citibank SMRT credit card is by VISA, so I click on VISA.

EZ-Link Credit Card Top Up 4

Fill in all the required informations and submit the application. You will receive a email shortly after.

EZ-Link Credit Card Top Up 5

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