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How Much Money To Save Per Month?

How much to save per month is enough?

It depends a lot on your current lifestyle.

I am currently not married, so my current lifestyle allows me to save at least 50% of my paycheck and I tried to maintain it this way.

50% of the savings are used for investments, I will not be touching this money as this will be my retirement fund.

Another 50% will be in cash, they are stored in high interest savings account. It is worth the time to look around for banks offering high interest rate for savings account, but a lot of them had already cut down their interest rates during this difficult period. The money will be for emergency use, or for big events like marriage.

It is always good to save more money than you spend. Live frugally by cutting down unnecessary expenses and you will be able to save more money.

That begin said, try to save an amount which you are most comfortable with.

You never know when you might need it :)

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