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How I Reduce My Handphone Bill By Half

My Singtel bill averages about $56 every month. Very seldom it breaches this amount.

My old mobile plan consist of free Caller-ID, 200mins outgoing calls and 3GB data.

I have always wanted to reduce my handphone bill even more as I seldom use my mobile phone nowadays and looking for ways to reduce my expenses.

I got excited when M1 launches their new mySIM plan.

For $30 monthly subscription, you get:

  • 300mins talk time
  • 1000 SMS/MMS
  • 5GB data
  • 12 month contract
  • *The caller-ID service is not included and it cost $5.35 monthly*

The new M1 plan certainly looks got to me especially with the 5GB data, however, I have decided to wait and see if Singtel is going to launch any new SIM only plan or not as the telcos usually follow each other and changing number is always a pain.

Finally Singtel also launch their own SIM only plan. Their plan is more barebone.

For $20 monthly subscription, you get:

  • 3GB data
  • 2GB Singtel WiFi
  • minimum 1 month subscription period
  • choose add-ons for additional talktime/SMS/data
  • *The caller-ID service is not included and it cost $5.35 monthly*

I went through my mobile usage for the last 3 months to decide which plan to go for.

ST Aug Usage

ST Sept Usage

ST OCT Usage

From my usage pattern, I have decided to downgrade my current Singtel plan to the new Singtel SIM only plan. I took the basic plan and only add on the Caller-ID service.

I seldom make any outgoing calls and not much SMS is sent every month. My data usage is around 1GB only. I wouldn’t utilize the talktime fully if I am to subscribe to the additional 200min talktime at $5/mth.

If I am to make an outgoing call, it will be charged at 16.05 cents per minute and each SMS is charged at 5.35 cents. So it will be pay-as-you-use for me.

Upgrading of handphone every year is overrated. There really isn’t a need to do so.

My future handphone bill will be like $25.35 only, so I have successfully more than half-ed my current bill!

Reduce expenses FTW!

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