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How Do I Cut Down My Expenses

This is how I used to spend my money before:

1) Owned a 2nd car (-$1000)
2) Watch a movie every weekend at cineleisure in town (-$40)
3) Eat at restaurants every now and then (-$100)
4) Buy insurance policies without thinking (-$500)
5) Buy breakfast every morning (-$30)
6) Eat lunch/dinner outside whenever possible (-$100)
7) Buy unnecessary things (-$200)

This is how I spend my money now:

1) Scrapped my 2nd car and take public transport (-$100)(finally got rid of my biggest money sucker!)
2) Reduce to 1 or 2 movies  and watch at neighbourhood areas such as Cathay at AMK Hub or Golden Village at Junction 8 (-$20)
3) Reduce eating at restaurants, mainly dine at food court or coffeeshop (-$30)
4) Keeping important insurance policies (-$400)
5) Eat previous night’s night snack as breakfast (-$0)
6) Eat in camp whenever possible (-$20)
7) Buying only essentials not luxuries (-$50)

July 2007 is my first month of Living Frugally. The above are just some steps I have taken to reduce my expenses. I realised that just a small change in my lifestyle, I can actually reduce my expenses by quite a lot.

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