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Have Fun and Earn Cash Rewards with

I have participated in for quite a period of time and I have fun with it.

If you didn’t know what is, it is  a website supported by LTA that gives incentives for Singapore’s Commuters who use  the MRT or LRT to earn cash rewards.

As we know, taking train between 0730-0830 is a nightmare!

So, their aim is to encourage participants to take the rail system during decongesting period which is between 0630-0730 and 0830-0930 which is not so crowded and you can earn the most points during these 2 time periods.

You can earn cash rewards by playing the “Spin to win” game. It is basically a snake and ladder game we used to play in our childhood.

spin to win game

I have won $26 since playing the game and I am very happy with that because it is free money.

insinc winning

As you can see, I win quite a lot in the month of July. It is a lucky month for me. Hehe.

For you who takes MRT/LRT everyday, I encourage you to take part in this program. Once you have registered, it is really easy to collect points and play the game.

It is quite easy to collect $1 or $2 here and there.

Hey, it is free money!!!

Click here to register. I will also get to earn 250 points for each friend who joins!

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