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Growing the Dividend Tree

I am inspired by these 2 Singaporeans who managed to generate massive passive income in the form of dividends from stocks.

They are AK71 ( and Lady (

AK71 achieved a impressive 6 figure dividend income from his investments while Lady also received a yummy 5 figure dividend income for 2016.

I’m sure you would agree that these are jaw-dropping amount of passive income.

My lessons learnt from past years experience has told me that trading the stocks market is not a good fit for me.

I always buy at the wrong price, wrong time (mostly due to greed) and sell at the wrong price, wrong time (mostly due to fear).

It is always better to stay invested in stock markets. Always stay invested and load even more goodies with the cheaper prices of good companies during black swan events.

You really need a huge portfolio size to generate any meaningful amount of dividends (both AK and Lady have million dollar portfolio).

Lady grew her portfolio from $112k to $Million dollar portfolio in 7 years, so I believe with some careful planning of expenditure and investment, hopefully someday I can attain her level too!

money tree

Maybe it can take me 10+ or 20+ years to reach that level but at least I got started. :D

Dividend Tree = Grow Income + Reduce Expenses + Keep Investing

I have decided to follow the investment style of Paul ( as it is simple and easy to understand. I believe he also got a million dollar portfolio.

No timing of market, just keep investing back the dividends received into solid companies that would not fold up in near future.

Every road leads to Happiness,  just choose the route that suits you!

Let’s keep building!

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