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Entrepreneurship Is Not A Choice & You Only Lose When You Quit

Entrepreneurship (Photo credit: Michael Lewkowitz)

Entrepreneurship? You ever thought of it before? I bet most of us wanted to be our own boss at one point in our life.

Being an entrepreneur bring so much ideas to our mind, feelings of excitement of the possible possibilities, hopes of a brighter future. It brings us much more life!

Who would want to work 9am-5pm every day (if you are lucky), most probably worked much longer than 9am-5pm and earning little for their hard work.

Read about what John wrote about Entrepreneurship: 

Entrepreneurship is not a choice. It is a compulsion.

It is not rational to put oneself into the uncertain, stress-filled environment of a startup. It is far more logical to take a 9-to-5 job with little stress and a lot of holidays. If it were a decision to be an entrepreneur, then most right-minded individuals would decide to turn back when they encountered the first inevitable startup crises. As noted in Your Startup Ideas Should Not Be Charming, most entrepreneurs are haunted by their ideas and feel they must execute them before someone else beats them to the punch.

Entrepreneurs want to matter

They do not want a job, they want a purpose. They want to make a difference and they know that if they do not show up for work, important accomplishments will not be achieved. In the early stages of their adVentures [John’s appropriate nickname for startups], entrepreneurs often sleep like babies – they wake up every couple hours crying. Despite the stress and restless nights, most entrepreneurs would have it no other way.

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A business is all about hard work, hard work, and hard work, it is never easy. Being your own boss means no regular pay check every month and income could have wide swings from month to month. An entrepreneur needs to handle all that. Sometimes you will feel like you are the almighty when things are good but sometimes you will feel like giving up when things gets tough. Ana wrote about her feelings:

Today I Feel Like Quitting

Simply put, to get a pat on the back.
To hear from you that what I do matters.
That it somehow makes a difference.
Slight exaggerations and buttering up would be gratefully accepted.
And no, this is not the only reason I am writing this.
I know that you’ve gone through this before and will inevitably go through this again.
Feeling inadequate, ill-equipped, ill-prepared.
Feeling like an imposter and a fake.
And I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

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When you fail, you don’t give up. As Daniel says:

You Only Lose When You Quit

Succeeding is not hard if you think about it.

All is takes is persistence and a minimal amount of common sense. The common sense part is to make sure you will learn from your failures and not repeat your mistakes. If you got that and are willing to keep trying, sooner or later you will succeed.

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