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Dropbox, Best Free Online Storage

My friend just recently introduced me an online storage service called Dropbox.

I am pretty impressed by it. Dropbox allows me to sync my newly taken photos online with my wife’s computer automatically. Removes the hassle of transferring the photos with thumbdrives!

Register for free Dropbox here

They offers 2GB of online storage for free! or up to 100GB if you register for the paid service. It is possible to sync any file sizes and types and across different operating system such as Windows, Mac and Linux computers. It automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.

As I am always sharing photos with my wife, these features are greatly appreciated.

It is easy to setup file sharing in only a few clicks with several people with the ability to see other people’s changes instantly. You also have the ability to control who can access your shared folders and kick those people you wanted out.

Dropbox is a good service which I will be using regularly.

Register for it here.

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