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Do You Need a Safety Net In Life?

I would like to share a short story “The fox and the rabbit” by Singapore Man of Leisure.

Its a story about a wolf, a fox and a rabbit.

I am facing similar scenario here.

My goal is to make a comfortable stream of income through the internet. I have seen what kind of income it can bring and the endless opportunities in it.

It has now come to a point where I need to make a major decision in life.

Staying or leaving my job.

“My young friend, you ran for dinner; but the rabbit ran for his life!

I believe the above quote does bring about different results in what I want to achieve.

Can you see the link between the fox and the rabbit and the below pairs?

1) A salaried worker and an entrepreneur?
2) A part-time trader trading for extra pocket money and a full-time trader trading for a living?
3) An investor investing to protect his wealth versus an investor investing to grow his wealth?

It about going all-out and doing it wholeheartedly.

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