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Dividend Investment Portfolio

DividendsThe stocks market is an interesting place. Everyday the stocks price goes up and down like sitting in a roller coaster.

I have built a portfolio a few years ago but I ended up trading it, made some and lose some. I learnt that I always let emotions get ahead of me and sell out at the wrong times.

Last year, 2016, so many events happened that I thought the market would crash. But it didn’t!!! I have bailed out too early… Haiz..

A new year and a new beginning, I have decided to build a Dividend Investment Portfolio from the wisdom I have gathered from this blog and sticking to it. No more clearing the plate due to emotions.

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Reminder to myself: Every black swan event is a good chance to fill up the plate with more goodies!

The pros of this strategy:

  1. no need keep monitoring stock prices
  2. no need bother if the economy is good or not
  3. getting income every month
  4. have lesser risk as long as each company is kept within 10% of portfolio

The idea is to buy strong companies (unlikely to go bust any time soon) that pay consistent/growing dividends throughout good and bad times. Continually use the dividends received to buy more units of the next company that’s paying dividends. Keep building the portfolio using the dividends received.

Simple enough for me to understand :D

I should be receiving dividends the whole year round except April. I guess it’s enough to keep me busy.

My Dividend Investment Portfolio is set up in December 2016 and I will be receiving the first dividend from Singtel on 11/01/17.

[etable caption=”Dividend Investment Portfolio”] No,Stocks,Units
1,Keppel DC Reit,5000
2,First Reit,5000
3,Parkway Life Reit,5000
4,Aimsamp Cap Reit,5000
5,Soilbuild Reit, 10200
6,Capitaland Mall trust,5000
7,Frasers Cpt Trust,5000
8,SIA Engineering, 2000
11,Lian Beng,14000
12,ST Engineering,2100
[/etable] [etable caption=”Monthly Dividends”] Month,Stocks
2,ParkwayLife Reit,KeppelDC Reit,First Reit,Soilbuild Reit,CMT,FCT,Lian Beng
3,AA Reit, Singpost
5,First Reit,Soilbuild Reit,CMT,FCT,Parkway Reit,ST E
6,AA Reit
8,ParkwayLife Reit,KeppelDC Reit,First Reit,Soilbuild Reit,CMT,FCT,SIA E,Singtel,Singpost
9,AA Reit,ST E
10,Lian Beng
11,ParkwayLife Reit,FCT,First Reit,Soilbuild Reit,CMT, SIA E,Singpost
12,AA Reit

Lets Keep Building!

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