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Debts & Money 2008

2008 is a quite a fruitful year for me, I have managed to clear off all my debts, saved a bit of money, and finally gotten myself out of singlehood!

I used to be very lousy in handling my finances, buying lots of insurance products (most of it from AIA) without actually knowing how they are beneficial to me and over burdening me with insurance premiums, thus feeling the strain on the monthly expenses. I have since restructured my insurance policies with only the necessary insurance coverage and I am happy with it as I don’t need to pay so many insurance premiums every month.

I have since ignored those insurance agents who are always at the mrt stations or by the streets claiming they only need 5 minutes to do ‘some simple survey’ that are ‘not so simple’. People that phone me to introduce me ‘affordable’ insurance policies under the name of banks are also added to my ignore list.

I have learnt to be more cautious in believing people as I landed myself in great financial disaster in 2007 which resulted in me having ‘some outstanding debts’. I felt really stupid back then and I put in all my efforts in clearing the debts. Clearing debts is important as the interest that comes with it can clean your savings bit by bit. But all is over now, I am happy to have cleared all of it.

I have become more discipline in saving part of my monthly income and that enables me to have some money in the bank. After seeing near zero in the bank balance for so long, I am very happy to see that little money in my savings account.

I also have some wonderful holidays in Bangkok Thailand, Cebu Philippines and Desaru Malaysia. The trip to Desaru Malaysia is the most fruitful one as the girl that I am after finally agreed to be my girlfriend!

For a better 2009, CHEERS!

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