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Death & Money

Mr Dimple’s grandma passed away not too long ago. It is the first time he experienced death of a beloved one.

He is very sad, very very sad, weeping in sleep during the first few days of the funeral as the childhood pictures came flashing back before him when he closed his eyes.

That’s when he discovered the truth,

“Everyone dies, one day.”

That’s when he accepted death as part of life and his tears stopped flowing. He knows that his beloved grandma is finally able to be relieved of the constant illness and pains that have followed her for the past few years.

He discovered another truth,

“Death is very expensive.”

The total funeral bills added up to be near $30,000!!!

This sets Mr Dimple thinking, if one day should he pass away, the contributions towards funeral expenses from his friends and relatives would be hardly enough to cover the funeral expenses.

In order not to burden his family after his own demise, he knows he needs to start planning. Only when the worse is taken care of, only can he start to live fully.

1) In order to keep cost down and reduce unwanted funeral expenses, he wants his funeral to be a very simple affair. No monks, no priests, no burning of incense paper and joss sticks, no bands, just a simple coffin and a simple hearse.

The living do not have to discuss much, just remember to keep everything simple. After being cremated at the nearby Mandai Crematorium, his urn can be placed at the nearby Columbarium Complex.

2) In order to take care of his living family members, he knows insurance plays a very important part.

  • He is covered with NTUC Enhanced IncomeShield Plan, so that in the event of long term hospitalization, a large part of the bill can be covered by the insurer.
  • He has $200,000 coverage with SAF Group Insurance.
  • He has $100,000 coverage with TM Legacy.
  • He has $50,000 coverage with Aviva 21
  • He has $50,000 coverage with DPS

The insurance amount should be able to last his family members for quite some time. If he should pass away anytime, he knows his family is well covered.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
– Mark Twain

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