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[Get Bonus Linkpoints] Healthhub Promotion June 2017

Healthhub is a health portal that gives linkpoints when you do real easy tasks such as sharing articles on your Facebook account.

Previously I wrote on how to mega-size your linkpoints with it.

If you haven’t join healthhub yet, you can do so here¬†as they are having another round of promotion again.

Note: 1 Healthpoint = 1 Linkpoint

Promotion details for new members

  1. Get 750 Healthpoints when you register as a member
  2. Share articles, events and app to earn 5x Healthpoints
  3. Promotion ends on 30 June 2017

Existing members can also get 5x Healthpoints by doing the above activities, up to a total of 1500 points.

[alert-note]Note: 150 Linkpoints = S$1[/alert-note]

This is a real easy S$10!!!

I have already gotten my 1500 points for this month.

Btw, the extra 80 points is from completing the simple quizzes in the app.

In Total Healthhub Already Gave Me…

I did a calculation on the total amount of points I have gotten from participating in Healthhub activities since March 2017.

Total linkpoints received from healthhub

It is a total of 11470 points!

Converted to Sing dollar terms, it is S$ 76.46.

Without any cent spent. Where to find such a good deal?

So yeah, it is so much better than cashback from Shopback.

Join now before the promotion ends!

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