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About Me

Ong Seng Lee
Seng Lee


Welcome to my humble blog,

My name is Seng Lee and I live in a small corner of a “little red dot” known as Singapore.

I get to know about Internet Marketing at around January 2007 , it looks interesting and this made me to think of  starting an internet business. The good things about an internet business is the low start-up cost as compared to tradition business, but the amount of hardwork required is no lesser.

After studying a bit here and there, I realised that it is not really as easy to start and profit as it may seem. But knowing that it is virtually impossible to breakaway from being a servant of money just by working, I have got to start learning other ways of sourcing income and this is my 1st step and the many steps in the future.

With the Internet World becoming ever more popular than before, I see the opportunity of earning some $$ from it.

I believe that 90% of the problems that we face today are caused by money, with just a little bit of extra money, most of the problems can be solved.

I will be sharing with you my life and some information about internet marketing that I am still learning step by step everyday.

“My site’s mission statement is to provide you with my experience in financial knowledge such as saving money in daily life, debt management, investment opportunities, good usage of credit and debit cards and more…”

Thanks for visiting.

I can be contacted at senglee [at]

ps. Saving a Little Per Day = Something Big One Day

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