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3 Most Important Questions To Ask

Everyday we need to answer to so many people; he, she, they, them

But we forgot to answer to the most important person; I, myself, yourself, the person in the mirror

Seriously. – Seng Lee

Since young, we have learnt to answer to other people.

We first have to answer to our parents for our actions. Then we have to answer to teachers for our school work. Lastly, we have to answer to our bosses and clients when we are out in the work force.

Everyday, everyday, we answers to EVERYONE.

But there is something missing, we didn’t answer to ourselves.

You must be thinking; HUH!? What are you talking about?

I have come to realise that most people do not ask themselves life’s important questions. That is why we don’t often answer to the person in the mirror.

If we start to answer to ourself for our own actions, you will find that tomorrow will be a better day.

We always waited till it is too late to answer to ourself, because the questions often only come to us on our death bed, dying. The reflections of our life will often leave tears in our eyes, regretting stuffs that we didn’t do while we are still healthy.

Start asking yourself these 3 most important questions

Did I live?

Did I love?

Did I matter?

My answers to these 3 questions are NO! NO! NO!

Its sad but true. I am disgusted by my own answers.

But I know if I can change the answers to YES! YES! and YES!

I can “Wake Up Excited Each and Every Day”.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

My aim in life is to wake up excited about each day. For that to happen, massive changes is expected. Because if my past effort have brought me the results of today, I must be insane to be expecting better results by doing the same thing as today.

Do not wait until it’s too late to ask yourself the 3 most important questions. You might not have the answers to life’s question straight away, but if you didn’t ask, you will never have the answers ever.

Hope you can be inspired by the video below.

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